10 Best Restaurants in Seminyak, Bali 2022

howbali.com – The best restaurants in Seminyak are our local treasures. We turn to these places for a delicious meal and a great time, no matter the reason.

Our top places to eat in Seminyak are a proper mix of flavors and feels, from white tablecloth fine-dining—like some of Bali’s best restaurants—and trendy spots leading the way in culinary innovation to tried-and-tested cheap eats in Bali that never, ever disappoint.

Don’t be surprised to run into some of Bali’s best bars on this list. Where there’s a solid cocktail, there’s likely to be an epic dish.

Now, who’s ready to dig in? Check back often as we update our roundup of best Seminyak restaurants with discoveries and old favorites.

List of Best Restaurants in Seminyak

1. Queen’s Tandoor

Seminyak Restaurant

This casual offshoot of the swish Queen’s Tandoor is a perfect haven for lovers of Indian food. There is plenty of bustle and noisy banter while the smoky aromas speak to killer Indian cooking.

Headlining fixtures from the menu include the tandoori chicken served with spiced yogurt, malt vinegar, black salt, smoky charred chicken, and – of course – the rich, tandoori masala. Queen’s Tandoor is also darned affordable by HOW Bali – and it’s great fun.

2. Sisterfields

Top Restaurant Seminyak

Sisterfields is a trendy restaurant in Seminyak. It had attracted many people when it just opened, and with how things are going, it’s going to keep getting more.

We love this restaurant because of the service, food, and atmosphere. It has a great ambiance, with good music playing in the background. The food is delicious, and the staff is friendly.

3. Sea Circus

Best Restaurant Seminyak

Sea Circus is one of the most colorful cafes. The combination of pink and neon green makes this place very distinctive and attractive from other restaurants. All their staff is amiable. In our opinion, in the Seminyak area, you can see the remarkable difference with the cafes in the district.

For some people, the food and drinks served at the circus are still of good quality and remain the leading choice for some people who will vacation in Bali, especially those who spend time in Seminyak.

For the Address you can find this restaurant on Kayu Aya Road No.22, Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

4. Cafe Organic

Best Seminyak Cafe

Cafe Organic Bali is a cafe with an original concept. This place has white walls with a blend of palm trees and pineapple decorations for each of its tables, making this place a dream for everyone who wants to relax in this area.

Their breakfast menu is vegetarian food which is very health-focused and beautifully presented. The menu that you can try at this place is a large salad bowl, veggie burger, toast, and fried cauliflower. For the drink itself, there are juices, coffee, kombucha tea, and healthy smoothies that you can try.

For the Address, you can find this restaurant on Petitenget Road No.99X, Seminyak, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

5. Kingsway Bali

Elegant Restaurant in Seminyak

At Kingsway, anyone can be king. With attention to detail, impeccable execution, and premium service, Kingsway provides the best experience in all aspects. Each area within Kingsway offers a unique style and character to give the best experience for everyone.

Kingsway prepares an eclectic mix in every element by maintaining upscale hospitality enhanced by a unique atmosphere. With a focus on the details of every space and impeccable service, Kingsway Bali offers a one-stop playground concept for partygoers, cigar lovers, culinary enthusiasts, and cocktail hunters on Bali Island.

For the Address you can find this restaurant on Raya Seminyak Road No. 52, Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

6. Neon Palm’s

Organic Restaurant Seminyak

Bali is one of the most loved destinations by everyone. So, what about the food in Bali? Have you ever been to cafes in Bali? Here’s one of them, Neon Palm. When you go there, try the dessert, the dessert is worth a try.

Located on the second floor, Neon Palms gives you a retro style with a Balinese tropical touch. They serve a variety of menu items such as smoothie bowls, bacon, granola, and flakes, and all meals have gluten-free options. So, Neon Palms is safe for those of you who are on a diet.

For the Address you can find this restaurant on Kayu Aya Road No.22, Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

7. Kilo Kitchen

Best Food Seminyak

Kilo’s Kitchen first overseas investment is located on Bali’s beautiful beaches along Jalan Drupadi, which runs through the bustling Seminyak area. Launched in September 2014, Kilo Bali offers Kilo specialties and specialties made with local ingredients and made with the hope of transforming the sharing experience while captivating the imagination and tasting flavor.

Kilo Bali is characterized by small, unusual, and modern architecture overlooking the traditional landscape of Kilo Bali, offering a serene getaway away from the hustle and bustle of Bali.

For the Address, you can find this restaurant on Drupadi Road No.22, Seminyak, Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali 80361.

Last Words

For those who want to try the best Balinese cuisine, you can come to the best restaurant in Seminyak Bali—having a that serves various kinds of food, both traditional Balinese food and foreign specialties. Welcome and have a good try.

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