Best Pilates Studios in Bali to Strengthen and Sculpt

Best Pilates Studio in Bali – Pilates is a form of exercise that works the core and upper body through various stretching and resistance exercises. In Bali you can find Pilates studios all over Bali, but for those looking for high-quality, authentic instruction, these are the pilates studios in Bali worth checking out.

Many things can determine the quality of a pilates class in Bali, including the instructor’s expertise, the equipment quality, and much more.

We researched and analyzed when looking for the top Pilates studio in Bali, and here’s what we found. These places have that extra X-factor that makes them stand out to us.

Best Pilates Studio and Classes in Bali

Uma Kalai

Uma Kalai offers fully certified instructors who teach a contemporary approach to Pilates based on modern knowledge of how the body functions. Classes are kept small to ensure you have enough time for your practice and instruction from the instructor.

Bali Pilates Plus Classes

Bali Pilates Plus Classes offers different classes that can help you reduce aches and pains, lose weight, and get more information about peak performance.

The sessions are personalized to your level and need so you can do your best.

Sunset Pilates Bali

Sunset Pilates Bali is known for the care their health professionals offer, who support each member of the classes with expertise and attention to detail.

They offer a wider variety of classes than the average institution, including private sessions for more customized exercises. And even rehab programs to help you recover from low energy.

Movement Matters Bali

Movement Matters Bali is a Pilates studio with a welcoming international community. This boutique studio occupies a prime location in Bali.

Their holistic approach to health and fitness sets them apart from other fitness studios. Movement Matters Bali supports and trains people on the journey toward their goals through injury rehabilitation and recovery.

Their Pilates instructors are highly qualified and some of the best in Bali.

Escape Haven Bali

Escape Haven Bali is focused on bringing symmetry to your life, and they have a team of qualified Pilates instructors to help you get there.

If you are looking for a workout that is both challenging and enjoyable, then Pilates is the way to go. The sessions will incorporate stretches, exercises, and strength training into a fun and creative session.


ULUHOTBOX is an excellent studio for those who want to stay fit and have fun. They offer various Pilates and Cycle classes designed by professional instructors.

ULUHOTBOX has several different options for class packs to choose from, including the option for hot pilates. These are perfect for maximizing how each individual can take many classes since they grant access to every class offered at the studio.

And that concludes our list of the top Pilates studios in Bali. The next time you’re looking for a place to unwind, remember these studios and book yourself into some of their classes.

Please do let us know what you think of their programs. By the way, you might also want to think about trying out yoga. Look at our list of the best yoga teacher training in Bali to get some inspiration!

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