4 Proven Online Businesses in 2021 (That You Can Start Today)

Online Business Ideas Bali

You might have often given a thought about starting the online business and make easy money by relaxing at home, beach or hills on vacations. But the thought of the investment might have eve resisted you to start your own business or make money.

In these articles, we’ll show you online businesses that are proven to work, and have been for some time. Remote working is nothing new. It’s going up.

A growing number of people across the world work from home and prefer remote work to traditional employment because it’s:

  • Highly flexible
  • Has fast-moving prospects
  • Can turn into an online business (without lots of training)
  • A Happier, Healthier Work Life

1. Blogging

early morning tea and blogging on a laptop

There are a number of perks of blogging. It is easy to start, but It would definitely take time to set up. You need to be patient and dedicated if you are considering the successful blog. Starting the blog doesn’t merely mean writing things.

  • Use your personality and knowledge
  • Spark healthy debates or inform a target audience

Tips for Blogging:

  • You need to create a quality content for your audience
  • The images should be properly used, and the content should be updated from time to time
  • Get ideas from your audience
  • Build your email list
  • Focus on building an amazing call-to-action

If you have updated the content well and have used the proper images in your blog, the chances for ranking up in the Google search engine further increases.

If you are planning to start the blog of your own, the first thing you would need to do is to choose the right niche for you. Choose the niche of your interest and the niche that interests your audience.

The blog can be about the technology or business tips, education or any information that is trending.  Also, for the blogging, it is important to learn about the SEO to monetize your blog well.

2. Web Design

website development layout sketch drawing

Nowadays, the first impression of a company is largely based on its website’s aesthetics. And as a skilled web designer, you have the opportunity to build visually appealing websites that will give visitors great first impressions.

While some designers earn more than six figures/year, the average wage is around 100 million rupiah per year. Either design for others, or start your own company where you choose which clients you want to work with, set attractive rates, and create a personalized work schedule.

If the latter seems challenging, for now, consider the following tips: Branding Yourself Before Branding Others (How to Get Web Design Clients)

  • Build your skills enough to create an eye-catching, professional portfolio
  • Include in it only your best projects to increase your chances
  • Send out cold emails to those you think might need a new website
  • Instead of just offering them your services, show them what you’re willing to do to help them succeed
  • Don’t charge too much at the beginning, but up your hourly rate a bit every two or three months
  • If you are a great web designer, design and code templates and consider selling them online
  • Create a blog, post articles, publish open-source projects, and make a name for yourself
  • Finally, as you start getting contracts, make sure to pick your clients wisely. Feel free to let go of those you have a bad feeling about. It isn’t worth your time or effort

Tips for Web Designer:

  • To create appealing websites, use a powerful tool web design tool and have a list of helpful resources that you’re planning to utilize
  • Keep it Simple
  • Guide your user’s eyes with visual hierarchy

3. Web Development

indonesian man sitting in front of computer

Make a sure secondary source of income by learning web development. All businesses are going digital, and almost every business needs a website these days. There’s a high demand for people like you.

If you don’t know how to build a website from scratch but want to learn web development, there are several online lessons you can take. Start up in less than a month — more into this later.

Start up in less than a month — more into this later.

Here’s how web development can help you succeed

  • Skip higher education: get paid for your skills
  • 9 out of 10 employers are looking for you right now
  • Self-start: access to plenty of free resources online
  • You will also probably never be jobless

Tips for Web Development:

  • Contribute to Open-Source Projects
  • Teach Others What You Know
  • Challenge Yourself With a New Skill

No previous IT knowledge or coding practice? Worry not. Here is where you can catch up and learn web development skills:

4. Managing Social Media

social media and content sharing

And last but not least, if you value your time and flexibility, managing a social media business could be a viable option for you.

The duties of a social media manager include:

  • Planning, scheduling, and posting content across media channels.
  • Analyzing, tracking, and recording campaign performances
  • Finding trends

You’ll also work with other brands and influencers to drive leads and improve business visibility.

Remember, in order to nail social media management, you must know your target client. Perhaps you focus on design companies, travel bloggers, or media spas. Regardless of what you choose, consider learning every little detail about your niche demographic.

Also, learn how to craft an effective posting schedule, build a portfolio, and grow your client base.

FAQ: Starting an Online Business

What Are the Most Profitable Proven Online Business Models?

In no particular order: Training, blogging, digital consultancy and selling digital products have so far been the most profitable Bali online business ideas in 2021.

What Online Business Can I Start With No Money?

Online businesses that don’t require any investment include freelance writing, social media management, web designing, graphic designing, SEO consultancy, online retailing, and virtual assisting. Notwithstanding the costs of special training and courses.

How Do I Pay Taxes When Working From Home?

If you’re having trouble understanding your tax obligations, we recommend contacting the best accounting service. The best team of expert accountants and business advisor in Bali will handle everything and save you time. It’s not free, but you’ll avoid getting in trouble with the law and additional trouble down the road.


Before you start an online business, understand what works best for you, what meets your strengths and interests. Start an online business with no money. Or make an investment, by learning new skills. Whatever you choose, we hope that this comprehensive guide of the best online business ideas Bali has to offer will help you get started effectively.

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