19 Best Businesses Ideas to Start in Bali 2023 with Low Investment

Bali has a wide market for emerging businesses with a massive population of over 4,32 million plus people per September 2020. With such a huge base for customers, Bali is now a hub for some of the biggest specialized business chains.

Starting a small business in Bali is less expensive compared to other high-tech region of the Indonesia. The cost of land, manpower, and capital is less costly in Bali than in many other states in the Indonesia. 

There are a number of businesses you can start in Bali which has immense potential to grow country-wide. While tourism remains one of the most important industries contributing a major portion to the economy of Bali, several industries have grown over time.

From different food services to healthcare to consumer goods, here are the top 17 profit-making businesses you can do in Bali.

List of Top 17 Small Business Investment Opportunities in Bali

1. Restaurant

Bali has a rich cultural history and is ethnically diverse with populations from the Caribbean, South America, Europe and transplants from all corners of the world.

The culinary offerings range from Italian Flavor, Indian, Mexican, Chinese and South Asian, to local specialties offering seafood and BBQ. In 2019 there were 3.597 restaurants in Bali and that number is expected to grow by 2029.

2. Senior Care

The good news is that people are living longer, and Bali is just one of those places where many people plan on spending their golden years.

That said, there are a number of opportunities to enter this market and provide support and services for seniors, including transportation, shopping and even private nurses and health care.

3. Gluten-Free Products Selling

The demand for gluten-free products has significantly risen and more people have been hopping onto this new food trend.

4. Customized Tour Services

As the place is big with tourists, Bali has a lot to explore. This opens a huge market for customized tour packages where you can offer people experience with your services as a tour planner.

In 2016 Bali was a vacation destination for over 6 million tourists, and not everyone may be interested in going to Night Club on their itinerary.

Surrounded by three sides with sea and rich with natural beauty, customized tours can attract a fair share of the business. Think fishing, scuba diving, airboats in the Benoa, day trips to Ubud, and shopping tours in Sukawati.

5. Startup Consulting Agency

With more people trying to join the startup craze, everyone has an innovative idea of their own to start a unique business. But they lack knowledge on how to start a business or promote or develop or even how to bring in investment.

You as a startup consultant will offer these services helping others to establish their businesses.

6. Yoga Studio

Due to its health benefits, more people are now moving towards Yoga than opting for a gym. The market is wide in Bali, and you can start a yoga studio by charging a subscription fee from your members for using your yoga studio and even hire a yoga instructor.

7. Organic Beauty Products

Consumers are now more opting for natural and organic lifestyle products. The business of selling or manufacturing natural beauty products could be a money-spinner for you in this period.

You can even make face soaps, scrubs, shampoos, and other cosmetics at your place and sell them to other retailers.

8. Travel Agency

A travel agency is another low-cost business you can start in Bali. A huge number of tourists from all across the world visit here round the year. If you have the necessary network and good communication skills, a travel agency can be a highly profitable venture for you.

9. Fitness or Recreation Business

For a healthy life, it is important to exercise daily. So with the growing health awareness, everyone is on the constant lookout for a gym that fits their gym needs while being economical at cost.

So mentioned among business ideas in Bali to start and make money if conducted with the sharp marketing tactics.

10. Software School

Having an understanding of software is the only requirement for this business. One can teach interested candidates for teaching software such as QuickBooks, Photoshop, etc.

One can hire professionals to offer great training to candidates who wish to learn such software.

11. Bookkeeper or Accountant

Taxes are no doubt are for sure thing when it comes to residing in the Indonesia. Businesses and people are having an urge for people who are good with accounts and tax submissions.

So if you have an expertise in accounting and bookkeeping, you can offer the expert services as a bookkeeper or accountant to those in need.

12. Life Coaching Business

If you are a good listener and can help people with reliable advice to individuals after you listen to their respective problems. This is a good enough business to opt for in Bali.

13. Internet Research

As the scale of information available on the internet is stupendous. Being gifted with the ability to cross-check with the authenticity of information is a sellable skill with great income opportunities in Bali.

14. Architecture Firm

Architecture is itself a vast subject. And definitely, it involves a wide range of activities thus provide huge opportunities to the aspiring entrepreneurs. Currently, the overall real estate sector is booming in Bali.

And according to the industry experts, the demand for the different types of integrated architectural services will increase rapidly. So, it is high time to start a business in this lucrative field.

15. Scuba Diving Club

One of the adventurous activities! Since Bali has a prime location near a river and an ocean, it has a lot to explore underwater.

Bali receives many tourists eager to try this, and as long as tourism is booming, this business will never stop. It requires some investment in the professionals if you don’t have the skills and not forget the equipment.

16. Web Development

No matter the type of business, everyone needs a good website nowadays. Starting a web design business gives you the freedom to work from home and allows you to use your creativity when building unique sites for clients.

And like many home-based businesses, your clientele can be anywhere in the world.

17. Digital Marketing Agency

As consumers continue to rely on the internet to make a purchasing decision, businesses will likely continue to invest more in digital marketing every year. 

With businesses going digital, they need firms that will help them with their social media needs. As a digital marketing agency in Bali, you will offer services related to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or SEO.

18. Nutritionist

Everybody requires some guidance when it comes to living a healthy life. If you have a certification, then offer your services as a nutritionist and start earning. You may require investment just in setting up the office.

You can also pair up with some doctors who need to suggest special diets to their patients.

19. Fashion Boutique

The best idea for women who wish to start their own business. Opening a store in a commercial area with all the fashion accessories, from clothes to handbags. Keeping a reasonable profit for yourself, you can sell the items.

You can also promote some homemade fashion-related business through online stores and charge your commission.


As being a densely populated city Bali, has an abundance of business investment opportunities which can help to make a good earning every year for any individual who has a unique business idea in mind, to begin with.

Finally, it is worthwhile to mention that there are plenty of other businesses you can start in Bali with less money. The most important aspect to be successful is your dedication to work and planning properly.

We hope, the above-mentioned business ideas will inspire young aspiring individuals to start their own business in Bali

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