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Your very own website with all the right tools and expert support behind you is a beautiful thing. 
 We make sure your custom website reflects your brand and sets you up for online success.

HOW Bali is the leading web design company in Bali. We provide effective yet affordable web design and development services to local businesses. Our talented team are committed to providing results that matter to you. Whether it’s a new brochure website for your company, or an optimised eCommerce shop to sell products; we have a bespoke web design solution for you.

We focus not only on the aesthetics but also on the functionality of the websites we develop. As a renowned website design company, we have offered our services in a variety of sectors – we’ve worked with small local businesses, nationwide companies and even global market leaders.

Effortlessly boost your brand with Pro Website Design.

Your very own website with all the right tools and expert support behind you is a beautiful thing. 
 We make sure your custom website reflects your brand and sets you up for online success.

Expert website design.

Impress customers from the very beginning with your professionally-branded website.

Keyword-rich content.

Experts optimize your content with keywords so customers can find you in search results.

Image gallery options.

Add a custom gallery of photos to your website and showcase all your business has to offer.

WordPress plugins.

Add a contact form, event calendar, and more to keep your website visitors engaged.

Comprehensive, cost-effective web design

Dedicated manager truly owns the website development

Feel in control with your project manager, who is down-deep in all details of your website, owns everything and gets to you with the answers earlier than you asked questions.

Weekly reports with no reminders from you

We care you don't get extra stress trying to get the project status. This is why we developed a transparent report system that includes weekly written reports and project status meetings within a clear development route.

We 100% meet response timeframes

Some questions are harder than others. However, we never keep you in limbo. Our managers are devoted to meet response timeframes whatever happens.

Website consultation and extensive discovery expertise

We conceptualized, created and developed hundreds of Websites. This gave us experience and knowledge we are willing to contribute to your product development so you get the best solution.

Startup experience and own pet products

We understand the startup world inside out. We know what risks to mitigate, what traps to avoid, how to work with limited resources, and how to get the most out of your MVP, bring it to success, and not die out during the scale-up.

Expert Support.

Our clients are choosing us as a reliable and honest partner for the next product after we developed something for them. Besides everything else, we treat with responsibility and precision the estimates we show before the start, so you know you can rely on these numbers.

Experience ongoing, on-demand support.

With Pro Support, our experts become part of your team. Continue getting help from the very people who designed your site by adding Pro Support to your plan and letting us handle all future changes for you.

Website services for all your goals.

Picked as 2021 PC Magazine Editors' Choice for Web Hosting, we'll build a branded WordPress site with all the right tools. You’ll stand out from the competition with a custom website built from scratch.

Online stores designed for you.

Sell products and offer bookings on Bluehost, the platform loved by WordPress for 10+ years. We support over 2M WordPress sites, and over 30% are online stores.

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