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Social Media Marketing Agency Bali

Social media marketing is vital to any business in Bali success, whether you’re a plumber or a pastry shop owner. Read all about the best social media marketing agency in the Bali.

Social media is an ever-changing entity of marketing that takes time and effort for business owners to manage. That’s why companies often look to social media marketing agency in Bali for help building and maintaining their social channels.

From our research and expert social media marketing experience, we’ve deduced that JAIM Agency , HOW Indonesia, and Videlin Team are the cream of the crop in their respective specialisms.

However, the companies in this article are just 10 of over 1500+ agency offering social media marketing services across Bali.

It is an overwhelming and time-consuming task to research such a huge number of providers, let alone compare the costs of one agency to another — particularly when many fees aren’t readily available online.

This is where our free cost comparison articles comes in handy. The articles is designed by our digital marketing agency experts and helps you pick the right social media marketing agency in Bali for your business, by offering you quotes from a number of reputable Bali providers.

All you need to do is answer a couple of simple questions and we’ll send you a selection of free, no-obligation quotes in a matter of minutes.

It really is that easy. Or, if you’d like to learn more about the best social media marketing agency in Bali for small business, read on.

Top Social Media Management in Bali

JAIM Agency

Social Media Marketing Bali

JAIM Agency is unlike the other agency on our list, in that it specializes in one thing and one thing only — and that is social media marketing. When it comes to social, you can’t get much better than JAIM Agency .

While other social media agency in Bali on our list offer social as a component of their digital marketing service, compared to an agency like JAIM, the depth of social marketing expertise, experience and results are lacking.

JAIM Agency manages every aspect of your social media needs, from producing creative organic content to drive up followers and increase engagement rates, to using ambassadors (sophisticated influencers) to help grow your brand awareness and build a community of loyal customers.

The JAIM Agency website is jam-packed with incredible case studies showcasing the agency’s triumphs in one of the most competitive and challenging digital marketing spaces.

Successful campaigns include organic social growth, strategy implementation and an incredibly fruitful ambassador campaign for Luxury Resort in Ubud – Uma Kalai.

They also boast a unique content marketing strategy that is refreshed every month to ensure strategies do not become repetitive, bland, and stagnant (a commonly occurring problem in social media marketing).

HOW Indonesia

HOW Indonesia is one of the biggest players on our list, boasting clients such as best restaurant in Bali. This agency isn’t cheap, but you pay for what you get and with HOW Indonesia, it’s creative excellence.

They are ideal for any business looking to rebrand in an explosive, eye-catching way on social media. Specializing in a number of marketing categories, HOW Indonesia is unmatched when it comes to social media strategizing.

With expertise built on global research and insight across countless industries, it offers social insights, competitor analysis, social audits and even cultural intelligence analysis, something not offered by other agency.


Boasting its position in the top 5% of Bali Agency, Videlin Team (VT) has perfected an approach to paid social that has them sitting comfortably as one of the best social media marketing agency in Bali.

Specializing in ecommerce marketing, Videlin can help grow your business through its tried and tested paid social methods and its Meta business partnership.

It is the only Bali agency with access to ROI Hunter, a revolutionary product marketing platform (PMP) that helps ecommerce retailers to become more profitable.

Segara Cloud

Segara Cloud has rave reviews, in large thanks to an incredibly personalized service miraculously delivered by one of the smallest social media marketing teams on our list.

Prompt communication is a key factor in selecting an agency, and Segara Cloud scores full marks when it comes to quick and effective communication with all of its clients.

Along with its excellent client support, you will get guaranteed results in 60 days or less for any paid social campaigns using Segara Cloud’s tried-and-tested funnel optimization formula.

This makes it ideal for those business that want quick returns on ad investment.

Segara Cloud’s client selection process is thorough and includes a list of four collaboration criteria, ensuring the relationship between you and the agency is going to work before you make a big investment on any social media projects or campaigns.

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