The 10 Best Restaurants in Canggu 2023 – Where to Eat in Berawa, Batu Bolong & Pererenan!

Bali Canggu Best Restaurants – It’s no secret that Canggu is the epicenter of Bali’s cafe culture, and there are more than enough Bali best restaurants  to shake a coconut at.

But with so many new restaurants opening up in Surfers Paradise, it can take a lot of work to know which ones are worth visiting.

So, to help you on your culinary journey, here is our definitive list of where to eat in Canggu – from Berawa and Batu Bolong through to Seseh.

If you’re looking for the best of what Canggu offers, then you’re in luck, as both restaurants and bars are great. Indulge in a fantastic meal while ensuring your Instagram feed sees all your favorites!

Canggu Best Restaurants 2023

1. Sa’Mesa Bali

Bali Canggu Best Restaurants

Sa’Mesa is an Italian dining destination that offers an unconventional foodie experience in Canggu.

With a highly personal service that feels like you are eating within the chef’s own home, Sa’Mesa caters to the affluent and selective who want new and innovative experiences with some exclusivity.

Inspired by La Nonna Carmela, an Italian grandmother who used to invite the town for dinner even if she didn’t know them, a passionate Italian cook hosts this theatrical dinner concept regardless of their social rank. It brings together a small group of diners for an off-menu Italian feast.

Let the complete experience wash over you as they compete for the night with limoncello flowing all night long. The dishes change every night at this restaurant.

Still, you’ll find exceptional Italian-inspired plates like tuna Crudo, chargrilled octopus, and homemade king prawn fettuccine, along with a chef helming the open kitchen.

If you plan to experience dinner here, you should book your tables well. If a date night is what you’re after and you’re in a large group or want to bring the kids along, Sa’Mesa is the perfect place for that too!

You’ll want to try one of our signature drinks, like our Negroni cocktail, before you go (or maybe two).

Sa’Mesa Bali, Jl Tanah Barak No.1e, Canggu

2. Buongiorno Bali

bIt would be best if you headed down to Buongiorno for brunch and a bakery. This place has creamy poached eggs, freshly-baked artisanal sourdough, and buttery croissants that are as big as your head.

Buongiorno is here to keep the brunch tradition alive-style dishes, plus treats like custard egg tarts and banana bread.

Buongiorno Bali, Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No.49d, Canggu,

3. Crate Café

Batu Bolong Canggu Restaurant

This cool, hipster coffee spot is always packed with Canggu’s most extraordinary crowds – a sign that this one works. Off a quiet Batu Bolong lane, you can spot this legend in the area thanks to its iconic interiors and murals.

These cafes never have empty seats, and there’s usually a line out the door every morning. But don’t worry – despite being so popular, they can make and serve their smoothie bowls & delicious coffees super fast, and you can always kill time browsing their store.

Crate Café, Jl Canggu Padang Linjong No. 49, Canggu

4. Nude

Best Restaurants in Canggu

You’ll feel a sense of familiarity stepping into Nude. The staff is famously friendly, and the cafe is just up the road from Berawa Beach. At Nude, they provide yummy food and drinks to cater to all tastes.

Their new look also looks great! You can enjoy vegan and vegetarian dishes or opt for something meaty. But whatever you choose, it will be high-quality fare that is happy to have you stop by for a meal.

Nude, Jl Raya Pantai Berawa No. 33

5. Sensorium Bali

Best Restaurants in Canggu

Don’t let Sensorium’s minimalistic design fool you. This “elevated brunch restaurant” will delight all five senses with a multi-sensory experience.

We don’t want to spoil the whole experience for you here, however, expect modern Australian cuisine with a twist of Asian flavors and boundary-pushing creations like the Textural of Mushrooms (sautéed and fried wild mushrooms & seaweed paste on rye).

A brunch ramen dish with sous vides egg and Bulgogi BBQ beef burger. This sounds like your typical brunch spot.

Sensorium Bali, Jl Pantai Batu Bolong No.31A, Canggu

6. Shelter

Canggu Best Restaurants

Seminyak’s beloved, breezy cafe has made it to Pererenan, and this time comes with a new nighttime vibe. They also have a new menu.

One of the exciting things about going to Shelter is that you can try their modern take on Middle Eastern & Mediterranean dishes.

Case in point: their roasted eggplant sandwich and labneh with house-made pomegranate molasses. Start the night with a hummus flatbread and some smoked paprika oil, then continue with wood-roasted salmon topped with paprika, raisins, pine nuts, and green olives.

Or the chermoula-crusted chicken with herbs, spices, tahini, and burnt lemon – best enjoyed with Shelter’s signature Espresso Martini.

Shelter, Jl Pantai Pererenan No. 133

7. Mason

Where to eat in Canggu

At this uber-cool but oh-so-casual diner, it’s all about high-quality meats, cheeses, and gourmet dips, and veggies-served simply with homemade sauces to let the flavors shine.

A true gem, Mason also dishes up delicious cocktails in a stunning open-air environment with a whole house of Canggu’s finest.

Graze your way through share starters like our house-made hummus, halloumi, and smoked tuna dip before you try our wood-fired barramundi, barbecued ribeye, or spinach & ricotta in filo pastries.

Mason, Jl Batu Bolong No. 83, Canggu

8. Penny Lane

It’s official – Penny Lane is the place to be seen. You’ll find gorgeous architecture, fantastic food, and trendy cocktails here! It’s not surprising that Canggu’s most fabulous locals flock here to order nibbly plates – perfect for sharing – a supercharged schnitzel, a big burger, and loaded fries every day.

If you’d like a healthy breakfast or brunch, try the fresh guacamole on Turkish bread with paprika and spices. The meal’s start might be calamari, covered in secret spices and served with a side of hummus.

For those with an appetite for something unique, try some poutine topped with battered chicken fried in No, don’t forget the cocktails!

Penny Lane, Jl Munduk Catu, Canggu

9. I Am Vegan Babe

A boundary-pushing vegan restaurateur, I Am Vegan Babe offers several dishes to be proud of. Not only do they taste great, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

For example, their club sandwiches are stuffed with plant “turkey” and other delicious ingredients, like veganaise which is challenging to tell apart from And the burgers were so big, so juicy, and so tasty that we might call them beefy.

The huge Hawaiian burger is our top recommendation – not to mention the glass cabinet of vegan cakes, which are on display and taking center stage within the cafe’s tropic-chic interior design.

I Am Vegan Babe, Jl Tanah Barak No. 49, Canggu

10. Riviera Bistro

One of Venice’s best-kept secrets is this destination that doubles as a wine bar. Riviera Bistro offers dishes from the French Riviera to a lively Berawa and through with fresh seafood.

Try the Gnocchetti – homemade semolina pasta from Puglia, mingled with seafood ragout and herbs, or the seabream carpaccio piled high with lemons and caviar.

Riviera Bistro, Jl Pemelisan Agung, Berawa – Canggu

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